Chiron Tutors


About Chiron `Tutors`

Chiron Tutors is a collective of professional tutors, teachers, mentors and academics
specialising in a wide range of academic subjects at GCSE and A Level.

We are a DBS-certified agency committed to making private tuition smoother, fairer
and more accessible to those who need it.


We aim to instil in our students the values of integrity, positivity and hard work.
We may play a brief role in the journey of learning and development, but we strive
to leave behind helpful habits that last a lifetime.

Meet the team



I’m a practising mechanical engineer, a professional STEM tutor and the director of our UK/London chapter.

My goal and vision is simple. To make tutoring more accessible to a wider audience and to create an agency that values the importance of the perfect tutor-pupil match above anything else. Throughout my 12 years of tutoring experience, I have seen this make a world of difference time and time again.

As a student myself, I relied on my positive mindset, hard working attitude and love for learning to succeed both in and out of the classroom. These are the values I look for when selecting which tutors I work with and are the core values we strive to instil into all our pupils.



As a Physics Graduate, Software Engineer (we never stop learning new things) and new father, my goal with Chiron is to use my technical knowledge to make private tutoring more accessible than ever.