Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Students, Parents & Guardians

How do I hire a Chiron Tutor?

Head to the Home page and leave your email address with us. One of our friendly representatives will be in touch with you shortly.
Otherwise, you can head to the Contact page and get in touch with us directly.

What are the tuition fees?

Student Level Hourly Tuition Rates*
Pre-GCSE (eg. 11+ 13+) £55
A Levels & IB £65
Undergraduate £75

There is also a one-off finders fee equivalent to an hour of tuition. Rates are an average across our talent pool of tutors and are subject to vary based on tuition experience

How do payments work?

Each month Chiron consolidates your total completed tuition hours and sends you a personal invoice. Chiron then manages the payment of your tutors on your behalf.

How do referral bonuses work?

If a tutor has made a positive impact on your education please spread the word! If you refer a friend to Chiron Tutors you will both receive a 10% discount on your next lesson, when they complete their first lesson.

Do I get to choose my tutor?

We will propose tutors to you by providing you with their tuition CV. If you are happy with the proposed tutor, let us know and your tuition sessions can begin. If not, don't hesitate to say so. We will take your feedback on board to find a tutor more suitable to your needs.

What happens if I am unhappy with my tutor?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first lesson and will keep working to find a tutor for you until you are satisfied.

Does Chiron Tutors offer online tutoring?

Absolutely! Online tuition is rapidly growing in popularity. Simply request a tutor that can provide this service.

FAQs for Tutors

How do I become a Chiron Tutor?

Register at and fill in your details. We will review your application and be in touch with you shortly. Please provide as much information as you can in your tuition CV. We want you to give us the best understanding of who you are! Once your application is approved you can be assigned jobs and begin tutoring.

How do I get paid?

Tutors are required to log all tuition hours to ensure they get paid. Please see "How do I log my tuition hours" for further information.
Tutors are paid monthly into their nominated bank account. Chiron rewards tutors who build strong tutor-student relationships with a generous pay increases according to the table below. Pay increases are applied to each job according on the hours completed for that specific job.

How does the reward/level-up system work?

The goal of Chiron Tutors is to foster strong tuition relationships that encourage both student and tutor to grow. For every five hours you complete with a student, Chiron will reward you with a pay increase for that student. The pay increases are capped at +20% of your base rate after 15 hours. The pay increase cost is absorbed by Chiron, so no additional expense is placed upon your clients. Please see table below for further information.

Completed Tuition Hours for Job Percentage Pay Increase for Job
0 - 5 0% (Base Rate)
6 - 10 10%
11 - 15 15%
16 - 20 20%

How do I get new students?

Chiron works closely with new clients to gain a deep understanding of how to best meet their tuition needs. Tuition roles are then advertised to all tutors with relevant subject matter expertise. If you are interested in an advertised role please reply to the job listing with your application. A good application contains a short paragraph detailing your relevant previous tuition experience. If you are selected for the tuition role we will reach out with further details.

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